Outer Diameter Grinding Machine For Roller

The outer diameter grinding machine for bearing rollers is the most refined technology for outer diameter of bearing roller grinding, grinding object includes the spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, the model can achieve the higher tolerance accuracy and better surface finish of bearing rollers and has higher precision, higher stability, higher efficiency. and widely used in bearing rollers industry.


Main Specification

The OD grinder of bearing rollers is adopted advanced CNC control system, electronic function, pneumatic function, hydraulic function, automatic online detection integration function, replaceable fixture technology and improvement device, with outer diameter online measuring and detection rollers workpiece processing status, automatic loading and unloading functions, realize the high precision grinding for cylindrical rollers and spherical rollers etc.
The main function unit were adopted the excellent motion design, such as the wheel grinding spindle is hydrodynamic spindles which has higher rigidity and precision, the spindle of workpiece head is setting the NSK bearings for improving the stability of spindle, and dresser unit is used the diamond roller structure or curve dressing(optional), so that achieve the highest-level demand from new energy industry, and x, y, z axials slides lubrication by the automatic grease oil, that ensure the motion unit have the longer working life. and much more function that we can set the OD processing gauge and balancing system to increase the grinding processing accuracy.

Processing Range

Tech Parameter